Since WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world there’s a huge demand for decent hosting. There are many different types of hosting for WordPress companies while many offer the same features such as 1-click installation, excellent support etc there are differences between them which is why we’ve made a list of the best WordPress hosting services from managed hosting to shared hosting.

If you’re just starting out with your new website or are looking to transfer from your previous hosting company with moderate traffic a shared WordPress hosting solution will suffice for you.

If you are more serious about your hosting and are looking for that something extra special then a managed WordPress hosting solution might be for you. The benefits of this are discussed below.

We’ll first do a quick run down of your chosen hosts for the top hosting for WordPress companies along with information on how to pick the right hosting company for your needs along with more in-depth information regarding each hosting company.


Web Hosting

SiteGround offer an affordable approach to hosting and offer various benefits such as free site migration, free domains names and more. Prices start from $3.95. See our SiteGround review for more information. SiteGround is our recommended hosting company for those wanting start blogging for the first time.

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A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting offer the choice of an SSD drive meaning that for an affordable price of $7.99 per month your website could be 300% faster than many popular shared WordPress hosting companies.

Note: You can now save 51% on all packages meaning $3.92/mo for a limited time. See our A2 Hosting review.

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WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the fastest hosting for WordPress companies. They offer blazing fast speeds along with excellent support and uptime. Prices start from $29 per month. See our WP Engine review for more information.

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Web Hosting Hub


Web Hosting Hub is another affordable hosting company for WordPress. They offer 1 click WordPress install along with other features such as $200 Ad Credit. Prices start from $3.99 per month through this website See our Web Hosting Hub review.

How to pick the best WordPress hosting

To pick the best WordPress host you must understand what the requirements are to install WordPress. It’s pretty and most hosting companies will support this already but just incase you’re not sure, ask if they have:

  • PHP 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

All WordPress hosting companies on this website meet these requirements.

Different hosting packages and options

Once you’ve decided to use WordPress and you’re searching for WordPress hosting options you’ll notice various different types of WordPress hosting packages. This is what we will cover here so you’re not overpaying or buying a hosting service which isn’t suitable for your needs.

Free WordPress Hosting

Free hosting sounds good but you get what you pay for. I would advise not to use free hosting. It’s too much hassle for the long term.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular form of WordPress hosting and it’s one that the major hosting companies will offer. Shared hosting is a great way to start a website as it’s affordable (you can get decent shared web hosting from $3.99 per month or even lower) and it’s easy to setup and maintain.

Dedicated servers

Most people won’t need this as this is for very high traffic websites. A dedicated server means just that, you have your own dedicated server.

Managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine is an example of a managed WordPress host. With this type of service you’ll experience extra benefits such as auto-updating WordPress when new updates come out. Regular backups and security are some other benefits of managed WordPress hosting. Although this does come with a cost e.g WP Engine is $29 per month compared to Web Hosting Hub at $3.99 per month.

WP Engine


WP Engine is serious about speed and scale which makes it a good choice for those business who do a lot of social media marketing as WP Engine is very good scalable hosting. My website now runs under o.5 seconds due to WP Engine – see my WP Engine review for more information. Here’s what they say about their amazing speed and the technology behind it:

Like any web application, WordPress can be hard to scale. Get traffic spike from a successful social media campaign or getting on the Huffington Post and you’ll start to worry that your server might go down due to the load— at exactly the worst time to fail!

That’s why we built EverCache.

EverCache is one of the most scalable WordPress architectures on Earth. The technology behind EverCache is WP Engine’s proprietary system that moves hundreds of millions of hits per day through our system. Even with a significant traffic spike you can be sure that EverCache will handle it like a champ.
While WP Engine is pretty expensive ($29 per month) they do offer excellent support at this price. They now have a live chat which you’ll be instantly connected to a WordPress expert who will figure out your problem no problem. It’s a comfort knowing that their support team can take care of everything no matter how technical or simple.

Website security is an ever growing problem – those hackers are getting better every day. Speaking from experience, I’ve had websites hacked and defaced and it’s annoying that you know must spend a couple of hours trying to fix it.

WP Engine knows this is a hassle which is why on top of their excellent security if your website has been hacked they will fix it for you for free so you can carry on with your day.

This along with speed, support and the staging area is what makes WP Engine the best WordPress hosting in 2014 in my option

WP Engine Pricing






Super charge your website with WP Engine


A2 Hosting


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A2 hosting uses SSD technology meaning that compared to other popular shared hosting for WordPress companies your site will load 300% faster than them. They can also do at an affordable price of $7.99 so if you want fast loading times but can’t afford WP Engine then A2 hosting would be a good choice for small business and personal blogs. They have excellent support which is 24/7 and not outsourced: When you have a question, you want to speak to a real person. At A2 Hosting, we offer real US-based support. We never outsource! We hand-pick our support team and only choose the most knowledgeable, friendly and patient technicians It’s not about being there when it’s convenient for us. It’s about being there when you need us, 24/7/365. Whether you’re new to web hosting and need basic help or are an expert requiring advanced assistance, rest assured we’ll be able to lend a helping hand.





SiteGround-WordPress-hosting SiteGround also have good speeds for the price. The cheapest WordPress hosting from SiteGround is $3.95 and gives you a pretty good deal for the price. Here’s why they have fast WordPress speeds making it a great choice for small businesses.

Top Hardware: 4 Times Faster

We use top hardware and additionally tweak it for WordPress by storing the MySQL on a separate faster hard disk. WordPress is MySQL based, so processing SQL queries fast is what matters!

Multi-Location + 50% Speed

We have data centers on 3 continents. Just choose the closest to your visitors for best results. By switching on the free CDN you will add 23 more geographic locations to serve your website.

WordPress Cache – Max Speed!

Our unique SuperCacher provides several speed up options. The WordPress dynamic cache, based on Varnish and available on all plans higher than StartUp, will literally make your site fly into open space! Having a couple of websites on SiteGround I can confirm their support is excellent. They will help you from the start to setup your WordPress site and will be available for additional questions if you have them.

We help you setup your WordPress!

        • Free installation of WordPress, popular plugins and themes


        • Free transfer of an already functioning WordPress


We provide WordPress assistance along the way!

        • Free assistance on WordPress issues


        • Popular WordPress plugins troubleshooting


We are really fast and we are there for you 24/7!

        • 24/7 support via phone, chat and ticketing


    • The fastest response time in the industry



SiteGround Pricing


SiteGround Testimonials



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25 Comments on “Best WordPress Hosting for 2015”

  1. Jack

    I was reading your review of A2 Hosting earlier and after seeing them in this list am ready to purchase hosting. The SSD option looks very intriguing and we can’t wait to compare the load times to our soon-to-be-legacy hosting (EIG – don’t even get me started with the problems there!)

  2. Joshua Mullan

    Let me be upfront – I have read a LOT of mixed reviews on WPEngine so was hesitant to do business with them at first. After a phone call with a very helpful customer support representative however my fears were removed and I began the process of migrating my site that evening. Today everything is migrated and the speed increase cannot be disputed, although in the future I may look into a less expensive WordPress hosting option since my site is relatively low traffic.

  3. Sean Lyman

    For the longest time I was having abysmal performance with a sports review website and finally narrowed it down to my poor hosting choice. After reading through this post I made the business decision to move forward with A2Hosting and haven’t looked back since.

  4. Sarah T.

    At what point would you recommend setting up a dedicated server for a website in terms of traffic numbers?

    I run a recipe blog that receives 12,000 unique users per week and things seem to be running perfectly with WP Engine but I want to be sure to keep options on the radar in case performance starts to take a hit.

  5. Jeff

    First starting out I went with the host that did not offer 1-click WP installation and while the website did go live it took far longer than it should have.

    Nowadays I fire up my hosting plan with, login to my account, give the domain info and have WordPress installed in a couple minutes. If you are currently looking to run a WordPress website I would highly recommend going with a 1-click install to simplify your life.

  6. James Hays

    This is an awesome resource for WordPress hosting! Thank you for taking the time to research and put all of this together.

    My question is around a content delivery network (CDN). Do you have a particular CDN you recommend for use with WP?

    My website has a large amount of photos and hosting everything in the same location is starting to concern me as my hosting bill keeps climbing as traffic increases, also negatively impacting website load times.

  7. Theresa Geiss

    Having always used SiteGround for my network of websites I may be biased but there is no host out there that has been more helpful and understanding. At minimum I will have a technical question once per month and every single time I am on the phone with a human and my problem is solved the same day.

  8. Eric

    The best part about A2Hosting isn’t only that they offer specialized WordPress hosting but also the fact that they have SSD drives available as an upgrade option! My site makes quite a few calls to the database and performance was sluggish at times, but after a consultation chat online with A2Hosting I was convinced to upgrade to the SSD and everything was just slick. No more awkward waiting while my (admittedly clunky) code took its sweet time to run.

  9. Gavin Klopcic

    Do you have any other recommendations for WordPress hosts other than those listed in this post? I have used A2Hosting and SiteGround before and WPEngine is a little out of my price range.

    Currently my site receives around 4k visitors per month but on track to grow that to 7k+ by the end of the year. If you don’t have any other recommendations I will most likely go with A2Hosting but wanted to check if you have found anything else since this post was published. Thanks!

  10. Yvonne

    My site was hacked last month and I am still working on pulling everything back together. Backups were not at the top of my priority list and now they most certainly are. From this post it looks like WP Engine will be the best option for me. Do they schedule automatic backups and help me bring my site back up to speed in case it is hacked?

  11. Jacob

    After years of hosting with HostGator and later DreamHost we finally made the move to WPEngine and couldn’t be happier. We were a little hesitant about the higher price point but were quickly able to justify those fears after realizing that our ~1 day of downtime per month was costing us thousands compared to the extra $99 or so the better hosting would cost. Web hosting should be viewed as an investment in your business rather than a flat cost.

  12. Bridgett

    I work as a content writer for a digital agency in Boston, MA and we exclusively use WP Engine for all clients. Since I am not involved with the technical side it is hard to say what speed increases will be found, however I know that my logins and edits to sites hosted on WP Engine are always without issue, whereas the shared hosting logins will see database errors and other problems from time to time.

  13. Adrian Sutherland

    This is a little off topic, but do any of these hosts offer Joomla and Drupal hosting along with WordPress?

    I have a plethora of sites on a VPS currently but do not have the skill set to properly maintain the server and would like to migrate everything over to an environment that can support these different frameworks without sacrificing performance.


    1. Wydell Powers

      Can’t speak for any other hosts but I know that A2Hosting does a great job with Joomla hosting. I’m in the same situation where a few clients prefer to run Joomla over WP and it is much easier being able to keep all clients under one roof rather than multiple.

  14. Arnie Poole

    Do you know if Siteground offers any coupon codes? Your review makes me want to pull the trigger but wanted to double check before moving forward. I am hoping to move my Tumblr blog over to WordPress and it looks like this will be a great solution since they offer support if I need it.

  15. Alexandra Quinn

    I run a community portal through a directory theme in WordPress and the shared hosting server was not keeping up with the traffic load. After a little research I landed on WPEngine and couldn’t be happier with the speed and uptime! The biggest benefit in my opinion was the organic traffic increase after implementing WPEngine most likely due to the page speed improvements.

    1. Ricky Brast

      I run a directory website for a local non-profit in WordPress and have been looking to migrate hosts for a little while now. What do you think about WPEngine compared to some of the others hosts listed here? Is the extra investment worth the benefits?

      Will bring up WPEngine at the next board meeting and hopefully implement soon, just need to be able to justify that small extra cost compared to the competition.

  16. Dominic T

    David Decker above is right on the money – SiteGround start to finish was an absolutely amazing experience and took under 10 minutes from landing on the website to starting work on my own new website (fresh domain and WP install on the GrowBig plan).

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they have a dedicated team for optimizing that process because it is the fastest I have seen!

    1. Jim L

      I wanted to follow up to this comment and say that SiteGround support is phenomenal. Today (Memorial Day) I had an idea for a website and some downtime to get it started and my normal host support office was closed. Called up SiteGround and was up and running within a half hour of my call, and most of that time was due to me sorting out a personal issue with my Paypal account.

  17. Clark Russell

    Wow! I didn’t realize hosting companies offered SSD drives as an option now.

    Have you noticed a performance increase from using one?

    I’m not really a tech guy so no idea what benefits that would give, but I know on my new laptop Windows boots up infinitely faster than with a traditional hard drive.

    1. Henry

      One benefit you will find using an SSD over a HDD is that database queries are tremendously faster. WordPress works by dynamically creating web pages from hundreds of database queries, so the faster these queries can take place the sooner your content is delivered to your visitor.

  18. Gabe

    Thank you for putting this list together. I am just getting started on my own website after watching some Youtube videos on building your first blog. It looks like WordPress will be the best choice for me and will be flexible as more content is added and I want to do it right so will be sure to use a host that specializes in WordPress.

  19. Richard

    To anyone reading this blog post just know that any of these options will be leaps and bounds better than the shared hosting plan you are likely using at the moment. WordPress is an amazing framework but part of that means there are unique demands on resources that run of the mill shared hosting environments normally do not account for.

    With a dedicated WordPress hosting plan you will find that your website performs better and will be able to focus on building your business rather than monitoring your website uptime.

    Personally I run A2Hosting for all of my plans, but I have actually used all of the hosts in this post over time and have nothing but good things to say about all of them.

  20. Quinton Calcagno

    Your review on SiteGround is spot on, that support is second to absolutely none! A rogue plugin left open a backdoor to one of my client websites and soon the website was plastered in hidden outgoing links to less than reputable verticals. When I would remove them the site would revert my changes which caused me some confusion.

    Frustrated I hopped on an online chat with SiteGround and learned that this was an issue they had encountered before. The rep logged a ticket on my behalf and within 24 hours the website was back up and running with no trace of the hidden links.

  21. Michael

    Started out with a free WordPress host and quickly learned that the plugin options available were very limited. Since we take our business seriously the decision was made to go with a paid host (I will not say which one but they are located in this blog post).

    We didn’t notice much of a performance difference compared to the free host but having the peace of mind of guaranteed uptime as well as customer support included is more than the worth the negligible cost per month in any case.

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