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Team Treehouse is designed for everyone who ever wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start. With the variety of courses available through the website, it’s possible to learn a new skill or polish one that you haven’t used in a while. Thousands of users have already taken advantage of Team Treehouse to enable themselves to build their own website or design a new app. Still, others have taken the knowledge they’ve gained through Treehouse and turned it into a new, lucrative and satisfying career. When you join Team Treehouse, you’ll probably discover that your possibilities are limitless, as you’ll see with our Team Treehouse review. 

When you think about the world around you, you’ll be surprised to realize how much coding and programming are necessary to make it function. From toasters to cars, laptops, and everything in between, advanced technical knowledge is required from the earliest design stages. All of this demand for programming is beginning to become a problem because there aren’t enough skilled individuals to meet the demand. Statistics suggest that there will be a shortage of more than one million programmers by 2020 in America alone. This means that now is the perfect time to learn how to code. If you take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll likely have secure employment for the rest of your life.

Of course, most people don’t have a few years to devote to going back to college. Other responsibilities have to take precedence. Nonetheless, it is possible to get a quality coding education without going through the hassle and expense of college. That’s where Team Treehouse comes in.

The people behind Treehouse saw a few years ago that there was a shortage of qualified coders and programmers in the marketplace. They also understood that the problem was likely to get worse in ensuing years. To top it off, they had noticed a disturbing trend in public schools. Coding and programming courses were either not being offered or were severely limited. Students who wanted a career in the field were forced to enroll in a computer science degree program, which typically costs many thousands of dollars.

About Treehouse

In 2011, the company launched Team Treehouse with the aim of filling a critical gap. They would offer quality coding and programming instruction at a fraction of the cost of the degree curriculum at colleges. Perhaps just as attractive, students at Treehouse can complete essential courses in just a few days or weeks instead of needing several months in a traditional classroom.

Courses on the Team Treehouse website are offered via videos. These are high-quality productions that are designed and presented by leading experts in their respective fields. The result is video courses that are easy to watch and provide a solid educational foundation. Students are free to easily rewind and repeat whenever they feel it’s necessary to ensure that they understand the material. The videos are enhanced with projects that the student creates and are given an interactive element through the use of quizzes. Students are required to meet certain thresholds on the quizzes in order to be able to pass on to the next course. It’s a lot like taking a self-paced college course in a classroom where there’s only a single student.

There’s something at Team Treehouse for pretty nearly everyone. Whether you’re an experienced coder or don’t even know what programming is, there’s an appropriate course of study for you. Just as enticing is the fact that every course allows students to gain real-world skills that can be applied to a current job or a future career.

What’s even better is that most of Team Treehouse’s students only have to devote about half-an-hour every day to their studies. There’s no requirement for purchasing expensive software or books, either. All that’s needed is access to the Internet and a bit of time.

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Treehouse Pricing

That doesn’t mean that Team Treehouse is free. However, it’s far more affordable than any college courses. Customers can choose from a number of membership options. A free, 14-day trial period is sufficiently long to ensure that users can get a good feel for Treehouse and its services before making a longer term commitment. Although a credit card is required to sign up for the trial, it isn’t too hard to cancel the service without being charged before the trial period expires.

The Basic Plan costs $25 per month. It comes with access to all of Treehouse’s videos and the Code Challenge Engine. Basic members also can visit the forums to find all sorts of support and help. The Pro Plan is a bit more expensive at $49 per month. However, it comes with additional benefits like bonus seminars from industry leaders. Perhaps more importantly, Pro members can download videos to be watched offline.

Team Treehouse also features business plans that are suitable for organizations with a handful of employees or thousands of workers around the world. This membership helps companies ensure that their employees stay on the cutting edge of new developments while workers have a chance to acquire valuable new skills.


You’ll need to know a bit more about Team Treehouse’s offerings before you can decide whether or not it’s the online program for you. Currently, the website features more than 1,000 professionally produced video lessons, and that number is growing all the time. Students can expect to encounter courses that deal with the latest programming languages and technological developments, so they know that what their learning will have value in the current job market. Nearly 200,000 students have already benefited from the Team Treehouse programs. These students live in nearly 200 countries and represent a broad range of ages and interests.

Treehouse Stages

Students can choose from a number of fields of interest that include coding, web design, programming languages and game design. These broad topics are broken down into what Treehouse refers to as “Stages.” Each Stage contains valuable information, and each subsequent stage builds upon what was learned in the prior stage. Before long, most students are able to build an app or a website.

Team Treehouse says that most students are able to complete their own app within about a month of coursework, which equals about 45 hours. People who sign up with Team Treehouse have the ability to view individual videos if they desire. This means that if a student wants to go back to review a prior topic or just wants to acquire some advanced knowledge, they can choose a specific video that pertains to that subject at any time. Team Treehouse also offers “Tracks,” which are set patterns of courses that have been developed by the industry experts who produced the videos. Students can follow a predetermined “Track” to the end, pausing along the way to take quizzes or complete Code Challenges. These Code Challenges are a wonderful test of the new skills that the student is learning. With each video watched, quiz passed and Code Challenge completed, the student earns points and badges.

his is actually a genius innovation on the part of Team Treehouse, as goal-oriented people won’t be able to resist the urge to pile up the points and earn more badges. It’s easy to imagine friends and coworkers challenging each other to acquire the most rewards. Points and badges are symbols of the individual’s learning and the new skills they have acquired. Other members of the Treehouse community, including potential employers, have the ability to see these accomplishments, which means that an employment offer could be on the horizon.

Team Treehouse Fosters a Large, Active Community

The forums are an excellent place to look for assistance or to have any questions answered. They also represent an opportunity to network and connect with potential employers and mentors. Another perk of Team Treehouse membership is that they are always producing new content. Users can find out what’s new through email notifications or by visiting the Content Roadmap page.

Treehouse Free Trial

Signing up for a free trial at Team Treehouse is a snap. The only information needed is a name, email address and password. After entering credit card information, the new user is immediately logged in and can start browsing through the service’s various offerings.

Treehouse provides means for helping new students select which track is right for them. By answering a few basic questions about skill level and what the student hopes to achieve, the website will recommend a certain track. A “get started” button appears, which takes the user directly to the first lesson in their recommended track. It’s alternatively possible for the student to go back to modify their answers to receive different track recommendations.

If desired, the student can visit their home page at any time by clicking on the toolbar’s top button on the left side of the screen. The home page contains a great deal of useful information including which tracks the student is following and what their progress is so far. From this view, the student can easily see how many lessons are in their track and how many they have completed.

Also on the left-hand toolbar, the student has access to all of the various tracks offered by Treehouse. This is likewise the place where users can access the forum as well as their Workspaces. These Workspaces are where students keep their projects, including any coding they have completed.

The upper right-hand corner of the home page contains the student’s profile picture. Clicking on this brings up the user’s points and badges and also lists all skills and achievements. Similarly, this is the right place for getting back into the current track to complete another lesson.

Treehouse Tracks


The first page of the track provides a great deal of helpful information about what is contained in the course. It describes what the student will learn and who teaches the course. An introductory video is the first step. Each video is approximately seven to nine minutes long, which is in keeping with Treehouse’s goal to make learning easier by presenting information in small chunks. A blue navigation bar that is visible during the videos shows the student how many lessons are left to complete and when quizzes will be presented. Once the student has completed a certain lesson, a check mark will appear on the screen.

Team Treehouse is structured to be highly motivational for the student. Most people love to see their points and badges accumulate. Moreover, they feel a real sense of accomplishment as they begin to be able to use more advanced coding skills. This can easily happen within just two or three hours of use, which means that weeks of effort are not required in order to start seeing results. This is just one of the reasons why Team Treehouse succeeds.

Another reason why Treehouse works is that it is so self-contained. There’s no need to switch between various programs. It isn’t even necessary to acquire any new software or buy any books. Everything the student needs is found right on the website. They can code, create websites and design games right in the Treehouse interface. It’s hard to imagine that it could be made any simpler. Treehouse builds a nice connection with students by sending periodic emails with reminders about where they left off and what’s coming up next. The emails also estimate how long the next lesson will take to facilitate time management.

Treehouse TechDegree

For people who are really motivated to take their learning to the next level, which might even involve a total career change, Team Treehouse also offers what they call Techdegree programs. The website boats that even a complete novice has the potential to land a job as a developer within about six months to one year. Currently, six Techdegree programs are offered.

Students can choose an Android Development Techdegree which requires between 150 and 190 hours of time. Java and Android are thoroughly explored during the courses. Other students may select Front End Web Development in a similar time frame. This Techdegree covers a lot of ground, from JavaScript, HTML and CSS to development tools. Apple fans will be drawn to the iOS Development Techdegree, which requires between 220 and 260 hours to complete.

The Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree requires between 240 and 480 hours to finish. It’s also possible to focus efforts on Python, which takes approximately 190-230 hours or Java Web Development in about 200 to 240 hours.
Techdegree programs vary from Treehouse’s usual Tracks in a number of important ways. It’s necessary to use GitHub to keep all of the student’s projects and coding. These projects will be reviewed either by peers or by industry professionals, depending upon which Techdegree program the student selects. People who are enrolled in a TechDegree program can also participate in a Slack channel where they can communicate with other students. Periodic Zoom video chats with a mentor are also available. A proctored final exam is the last step in the process. This rigorous test ensures that the student has acquired all the necessary skills that an employer would require.

Earning a TechDegree is more expensive than following a simple Track. Three different levels of TechDegree memberships are possible. The first costs just $99 per month. However, students at this level cannot use the Slack channel, nor will their projects be reviewed by peers or professionals.

The $199 per month TechDegree membership includes valuable extras like the proctored exam, access to the Slack channel, the completion of at least a dozen projects and project review by peers. At the $399 per month level, students will have their projects reviewed by industry professionals. Additionally, they can participate in a one-on-one mentorship program. With so many features and benefits, in addition to a price that is far less than a college education, it’s no surprise that more people are turning to Team Treehouse to start a new career.

Start Your New Job

The Treehouse TechDegree is for those serious students who are serious about starting their new career. 

If you have any doubts about whether or not Treehouse has actually helped people land new jobs or make lucrative development deals, then you only have to visit their Success Stories page. On this page, you’ll find plenty of testimony from satisfied users who have been able to use Treehouse to advance in their current job or start a whole new career. You’ll see stories of how people designed an amazing app or popular game after learning at this website. That will probably provide you with all of the motivation you need to get started.

Overall, Team Treehouse has an intuitive interface that is easy to use. The course videos are engaging and a pleasure to watch. With many quizzes, Coding Challenges and projects to be completed, you can rest assured that the skills you’re learning can be applied to real-world challenges. If you’re looking for a more rigorous curriculum that is even more likely to land you a new career, then you can enroll in one of Treehouse’s TechDegree programs. Whichever way you decide to go, the monthly fees are certainly affordable.

When comparing Team Treehouse with competing services like and Skillshare, Treehouse generally comes out ahead for the quality and diversity of its offerings. With free trial periods available to all new students, there’s nothing to lose from taking the service for a test drive. By doing so, you just might end up with an exciting new career.

Get 4 Months Off Your Pro Annual Plan

We have teamed up with Team Treehouse to offer you an exclusive deal - Sign up for an annual membership and get 4 months free

Get 4 Months Off Your Basic Annual Plan

We have teamed up with Team Treehouse to offer you an exclusive deal - Sign up for an annual membership and get 4 months free 

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